“The Universe is not real” — Adi Shankara

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“At the level of humanness, we see right and wrong as guide markers. At what point or level do we no longer see right and wrong?”

Joseph Lieungh thought-provoking question recall me of the teaching of non-duality from the Vedanta Philosophy of Adi Shankara — one of the great sage-philosophers of India.

“Nobody would ask why rain “permitted” catastrophic floods? Or nobody would blame the fire because it burns one man’s house and cooks another man’s dinner.” — Shankara. Everybody today blames the virus for the creation of pandemics, but what about…

How would you describe yourself, if you could not use any labels?

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Dr. Wayne W.Dyer is an author of many best-seller books, a speaker, and a pioneer in the field of self-development, called “the father of motivation” by his fans.

One of his books I recently read is “Happiness is the way”. This book wraps up with a few questions that really help me shape up and focus on what values I’m actually chasing in this life. I want to share it here with you all and hope that they might help you in some ways too.

1. If you suddenly discovered that you had six months to live, how would you change your life?

This is a…

A new way to practice mindfulness and gratitude

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Look deeper into the meal I have
I wonder who grow these veggies for me
How long it took to grow them
I wonder who packed them and displayed them on the shelves
I wonder who cooked them for me
Did she cook it with love?

Look deeper into a shipper who brought me food during this lockdown time
The guy faces the risk of doing his job
Behind the uniform, he is a father, a husband, a man who is responsible for his family

Sitting at these wooden dining tables
I wonder…

A poem to response to a prompt from Simão Cunha
“If the time machine was invented today, what would you do?”

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Ah If I had but a time machine.
I’m not curious about the future.
But I’m always yearning for the ancient knowledge

The first stop I would visit is the pyramids of Egypt
To understand what they built it for… and how did they do it…
I would love to meet some Saints in this Egyptian civilization
To learn more this time, about great knowledge of our humankind. …

“If you’ve chosen to focus on a particular word for the year 2021, what are your experiences and insights from embodying and reflecting on this word for the past half year?

Like most people, I often have goals to start a year, breaking it details in a month or a week. I didn’t start with only particular words, but if I have summed up, they must be CONNECTED, GRATEFUL, SERVE, LOVE, and GIVE

I have deep gratitude for my 2020 to put me here in 2021. The whole of 2020 was a journey going inward to find and connect to…

A poem from a free Mind

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Sitting here steadily in the middle of a pine forest
Rooted deep into the ground
Close my eyes, the airflow in me softly like no breath
The energy gets in and merges into mine
I feel alive
I feel connected

I’m like the tree in this colony
Tall, green, singing the song of the forest
The sound of the wind
The leaves clap to the beat
The song of birds blending in
The flapping of butterfly wings harmonize our melody
We dance, we sing, we hug.

I can feel the energy of a giant…

A poem to my Mother Divine

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I wish I had a heart as big as yours
To love all beings on Earth
To clear all suffering and sorrow in this world
To heal all the pain they carry
To hug them all
To whisper to them “you’re all so beautiful within.”

I wish I were as strong as you
To fight all evils that have been raised in me
To stand for the good
To defeat all desires that lie deep within me

I wish I could see what you see
To go beyond this illusion
To see what is real, what…

A life-lesson that a leaf taught me

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Facing a strong wind, the leaf knows it’s time when it has to say goodbye to Dear Mother Tree where it was born, brings green to other beings, and freshens the air where it lives.

By this time its body is no longer green, a yellow-brown color has begun to spread throughout the body, breathing is also weakening, for a few days, it has felt that its ability to absorb light has become weaker and weaker by brown spreading.

This morning it wakes up, Mother Sun is as bright as the day before…

Nhi Diep

A Yogi, a Peace lover, a Healer want to be

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